Your Freelance Business Partner

What you NEED is what you get!! 

You know that feeling when you are alone in your business and the only one to tell you that you are doing a good job is yourself… That gets old, right! I’ve been there. I had my own startup where i produced handbags in Spain. It doesn’t matter if you are doing a great job or not, we get tired of hearing ourself tell ourself that we are doing everything right. 

It is important to not under estimate the power of ping-ponging an idea with someone. Idea validation comes in many forms – Financial success is the main judgement factor for some people, but there is more. Idea validation is the fuel that keeps our entrepreneurial mindset going, but what do you do when you get tired of ping-ponging with yourself … 

Some might start to down spiral into a negative place and then what do you do… You call me before that happens!

I’m a CREATIVE STRATEGIST, and I will help you to the next level of your business journey! Together we will validate ideas and make action plans by using my creative toolbox.

Coach Valerie